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NADS, a New Type of Think Tank with Chinese Characteristics

The National Academy of Development and Strategy (NADS), Renmin University of China (RUC), is a new type of think tank with Chinese characteristics vigorously built on university-wide basis.

Professor JinNuo, Party Secretary of RUC, is the Chairwoman of NADS.

Professor Liu Wei, President of RUC, is the Dean and Chief Expert of NADS.

In Dec. 2015, NADS was selected into the first batch of “China Top Think Tanks" pilot project and listed as one of the Top 100 Think Tanks in the world.

In 2019, NADS was the only university think tank ranked the first-tiers in the first three-year comprehensive assessment of national top think tanks.

As a driving force and source of national thought innovation, think tanks play a crucial part in affecting world political and economic development and the future of humanity by pooling the wisdom of experts to help scientific policy-making.

As a top Chinese think tank focusing on thought innovation and global future, NADS adheres to the mission of “national strategy, global vision, policy-making consultation and public opinion guidance”, and strives to develop into a new Chinese think tank with global influence to better serve the country and society.

With the strength of the whole university, RUC NADS is now a leading Chinese university think tank anda new platform with extensive network and mechanism to promote interdisciplinary research and high-yield innovative studies.

NADS designs a trinity management structure of Council, Academic Committee and Administration Committee.Serving 4 senior fellows, 80 distinguished fellows and over 200 research fellows.Setting up 25 research centers including China Macroeconomic Forum and Center for State Governance Research.

NADS also incubates and manages 10 university-level affiliated think tank entities including Beijing Academy of Development and Strategy, RUC-SPU Center for Russian Studies, Yangtze River Economic Zone Research Institution, and Dunhuang Academy of Culture.

NADS has made remarkable achievements in theory and mechanism innovation, policy-making consultation, public opinion communication and public diplomacy.

Since its establishment, NADS practices the tenet of“focus on improving research quality and promoting content innovation in the construction of think tank”proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, giving full play of RUC’s academic advantages in the field of humanities and social sciences to build a new university think tank that is trustworthy and beneficial to the Party and government. Providing intellectual support for the country's scientific and democratic policy-making to promote the modernization of state governance system and capacity.

Relying on the solid foundation of RUC's theoretical research and thought innovation, NADS has made active explorations to facilitate the interaction between think tank and society, making academic studies meet the needs of national development.

NADS has made fruitful achievements in various national-level research projects such asthe study of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, China macroeconomics, public diplomacy, BRI and green development, and the model of building a new type of Chinese think tank.

With policy-making consultation at its core, NADS generates a series of high-quality problem-solving outputs based on substantial forward-looking strategic studies.

Over the past five years, NADS has completed more than 300 projects assigned by the central government, submitted over 1400 internal references to the central government and higher-level departments, a large number of which were adopted and instructed by relevant authorities.

NADS pays close attention to hot social issues, and has built a we-media matrix of official website in Chinese and English, Wechat and Weibo accounts besides close cooperation with all Chinese mainstream media. Therefore, NADS can express voice and viewpoints timely in major public events.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, NADS has organized a series of public online forums such as“Master Class” to share scholars’professional studies of the pandemic with the public through all-channel media communication, playing a vital role of enlightenment and public opinion guidance.

Mechanism innovation is the propeller of building top national think tank. NADS strives to break through the limits of traditional system and institution. It integrates all the resources available, and constantly improves the operation model and internal management system that fully support NADS experts in various research projects to make policy recommendations.

NADS gradually created multiple innovative mechanisms including a sound talent system, chief expert program, rolling research team, think tank fund system, think tank research fellowship, and Chinese think tank “revolving door" system.

Public diplomacy is a significant mission of top national think tank. NADS has actively participated in major state visits and diplomatic events attended by President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and other leaders. Meanwhile, it organizes experts to interpret major policies and diplomatic affairs in big events both at home and abroad to guide public opinion.

NADS has built many brand forums such as Worldwide Universities Think Tanks Network, China-US Public Diplomacy Forum, BRI Roundtable Series, International Forum on Urban Governance of Capital Cities, and Eurasian Lecture Hall.

Building an extensive multilevel global partnership network through cooperation with more than 40 well-known research institutes and think tanks in over 20 countries and regions to enhance the international engagement and raise the voice of Chinese think tanks.

Looking ahead, as a leading think tank rooted in China, RUC NADS will accommodate to the new requirement in the new era, adhere to national strategy and the mission of the times, striving to become the world-class university think tank which knows China best.