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Antitrust and Competition Policy Center (ACPC)

The ACPC is an international and professional center combining politics, academics and research. It not only conducts academic research on antitrust and competition policy, but also works closely with anti-monopoly enforcement agencies so as to guide policy making with quality academic achievements. The ACPC provides intellectual support for competition policy making and antitrust law enforcement and plays a vital role in maintaining a fair competitive environment, realizing optimal allocation of resources and protecting consumers’ lawful benefits. Through domestic and overseas academic research and exchange, the ACPC aims to promote the development of contemporary industrial organizational theory, facilitate the spreading of academic achievements, conduct targeted policy analysis and theoretical study based on practices in China and contribute research results to China’s antitrust and competition policy.

ACPC researchers are suitable for conducting antitrust interdisciplinary research in that they are mainly from relevant schools and departments of RUC, including Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance, the Law School, the School of Economics, the School of Business and other fraternal universities and colleges. Domestic well-known economists and legal scholars are also included. Meanwhile, the ACPCA has established cooperative relationships with international peers from the Wharton School, the Stanford University and UC Berkeley as well as first-rate institutions in Japan, South Korea and Singapore so as to build an authoritative theory study platform for domestic and overseas antitrust and competition policy.


Ye Guangliang

Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of RUC; graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and received a doctor’s degree in economics; selected into the MOE New Century Talent Support Program; chaired research projects of the Natural Science Foundation of China, the Fok Ying-Tong Education Foundation and the MOE Humanities and Social Science Foundation. Ye’s main research orientations include: industrial organizational theory, regulation and anti-monopoly, and mixed oligopoly. Ye has published academic paper on journals such as Organization Science, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Comparative Economics, Economic Inquiry, Regional Science and Urban Economics and Economics Letters. Ye also serves as the Executive Editorial Board Member for Industrial Economy, periodical literatures reprinted by RUC.

Members: Wu Hanhong, Du Zifang, Yang Dong, Xu Jiliang, Stuart MacDonald, Meng Yanbei, Tan Wei, Liu Yongzheng, Li Sanxi, Hu Xiangting, Yang Lihong and Hu Debao