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The Yangtze River Economic Belt Research Institute of Renmin University of China (Yibin Branch of National Academy of Development and Strategy) is a research institution affiliated to Renmin University of China. It was jointly established by Yibin Municipal People’s Government and Renmin University of China, and is affiliated with and managed by National Academy of Development and Strategy of Renmin University of China (RUC NADS). Relying on the superior intellectual resources of RUC NADS, the platform aims to promote the entity’s construction, enhance its operation by research, realize the bilateral resources interaction between Beijing and Yibin, open up the high-end talent chain of “Beijing-Chengdu-Yibin” and build a new high-end think tank combining government, enterprises, education, and research institutes, therefore providing decision-making consultation and intellectual support for the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and regional economic development.

As a pilot unit of China top think tanks, RUC NADS meets the necessary requirement to construct the Yangtze River Economic Belt Research Institute. The construction is also a vivid reflection of the ability of Renmin University of China, which is to play a role as a high-end think tank to serve the society and promote regional progress. The key objective is to achieve a win-win development and mutual progress between the local government and a high-end think tank. Through the rational design of functional orientation, governance system, business sector and resource input, the Yangtze River Economic Belt Research Institute has been developed into a new capable high-end think tank with unique features. The institute is located in Yibin and has a profound influence on the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Overall, the Yangtze River Economic Belt Research Institute will be built into a comprehensive research think tank and industrial base, which is leading in the west and well-known in the field of ecological protection, resource utilization and green industry. Gradually, it will realize the research and introduction of key technologies, cultivation and transformation of outcomes, incubation of green business, green development of the think tank and other functions.

Dean of the Yibin Branch: Luo Laijun

Research fellow of the National Academy of Development and Strategy of Renmin University of China, professor of the School of Economics, doctoral tutor, dean of the Yangtze River Economic Belt Research Institute, and executive director of the China Institute of Planning. In 2012, he was selected into the National “New Century Excellent Talent Support Program”. Social part-time jobs: Vice President of the Beijing Enterprise Investment Association, member of the Global International Business Association, member of the editorial board of the International Chinese Journal of Finance, and special expert of the China Business Federation.

More than 20 articles were reported to the Party and state leaders, and many articles were adopted by the central government and approved by the central leadership. Hosted and organized 6 provincial and municipal government policy research and development planning, mainly involved in 2 projects, participated in or provided a number of recommendations. Host or participate in 7 policy studies of the State Council, the Central Propaganda Department, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Education and other national ministries.

Authoritative and core journals such as World Economy, International Journal of Technology Management, China & World Economy, Economic Research, Management World, Economics (Quarterly), and World Economy, People's Daily "", "Guangming Daily", People's Daily and other media, published more than 180 articles, the paper has won provincial and ministerial awards; more than 20 national and provincial and ministerial level topics, published monographs, co-authors, writing other works more than 10 pieces, participated in many international conferences.

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